Outdoor Display

Outdoor Advertising LED Display Solutions

Product features

1. Large display area
2. High brightness
3. Long broadcasting time
4.Excellent picture quality
5. Rapid return od investment

Application fields
1. Square
2. Mobile media
3. Station
4. Shopping hall
5. Airport
6. Large scale real estate
7. Government organization

Product advantages

1. Low power consumption: use unique management design, save 50% energy than normal level.

2. High brightness: up to 6000CD/㎡ in brigntness, maintain satisfactory display quality even in derect sunshines.

3. Good performance in color uniformity:adopt pixel-level correction before delivery to ensure color uniformity

4. high waterproof grade: adopt several times pre-delivery waterproof test to make it reach IP65

5.Light in weight: we canuse ultra-thin aluminium cabinet according to customer needs.

6. Corrosion resistant:for better durable in coastal areas, we can use aluminium cabinet & specialPVC suite.

7. Stable sighnal transmission: use optical fiber cable for sighnal transmission to ensure signal stablity.

8. Auo brightness adjustment: auto brightness can save energy and avoid light pollution.

9. Auto power on/off, work aunattendedly

10. Ultralow temperature startup:our own ultra-thin high efficiency power supply works between -40℃ and +70℃